Friday, February 17, 2006

Today is for flamboyant sthwing

Today is for hamsters, the ones with a talbert
Today is my morter, five hundred foe bralbert,
I have fourteen clubs, they are weally gweat,
I'm friends with a bear, gwee shake shake.

Thankth foll listening, now I give you two.

Two. Thees eeth foll mallolwy edwolds.

Today I taste cats, black tail and fur fingoll,
My left hand is ready to grab and to flingholl,
Eets nawt about nice times or three barell monkeys,
Eeet is about cat paws and green apple flowbies.
Strawbewwy cat tail to make me feel good,
four caper train rails, with red riding hood,
Don't evoll think twice when grapple your care bear,
Eeth the way you walk away with skin and no tail hayoll.
I hope you are thmiling, I hope you are laugh now,
my mouth is wheel full, with hair from this small cow.


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