Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Haut Daug

How about a haut daug for your birthday? I lake daugs. Do you lake daugs, eh? They just about dam ner always call me the Hot Daug King. You’ll never see me witout one of dem dere Hot Daugs in my hands. Or in my feets for that matter. I likes to eat them with my toes. I likes to eat them when it snows. I likes to eat them at Ho Ho Joes. He’s my brother, that Ho Ho is. I know you’re wondering about know what dat Ho Ho means. Its short for Horace Hobags. We stick with Ho Ho, for obvious reasons. Yep, he looks like Santa. Except that beard he has is red, instead of grey, and the suit he wears is really grey, instead of red. So in a way, he’s more like a Santa, reverse style. I say from this point forward, his name should be Oh Oh Joe. So its done. Back to the referenced Oh Oh Joes. He’ll be having a birthday party for you tonight at twelveteen o clock. And seven minutes minus ten, makes Hashmeer Shashmeer happy again. I hope you liked this birthday wishes. Now got me a hot daug. They, really only Oh Oh, only call me the Hot Daug King of America. I’m not even from America. I’m more like polish. And that’s why I’d like a polish daug. One for me tows. See?


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