Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shadeborn toggle singer

What's the deal ya'll? Everyone starin at me on the pot. Potty want a cracker? Ha, joke of the day but never to late for a spaid rhino. Altleast when I do shake my tushy it comes out runny gum like my porcelain portabellow elbow. That's right, and I aint kiddin about it you see. It's not worth 3 nickles to a shadeborn toggle singer. Once I ran 3 times faster than my pillow would let me...dad gum feathers just slowed me down enough to where I could barely grapple with my inability to capture the smorgle. That's the answer!! AWWW HAAAA!! Smorgles breath von toogleheimer...

Smorglesbreath, april'spleth, fourty apron two time sleth,
I made it in the hard ground door, just 'fore I dropped dump on the floor,
It happens, it does, 2 3 or shluzy. I once rhymed a hommle with a qwizzy.
I have 5 of dumps for my trunk port, don't make my tooth mad or he'll flag down the forkelman. One four, new explore, open the door ..RAOOOOOOAAAR!!


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