Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Super Dork

Super dork! He was rancid. Calling cans balloons and just the opposite. Filled his aluminum with helium, as if a bizarre experiment with the periodic table. Argon was considered, but it isn't radioactive. Instead he settled with xenon. It glows AND flows, and even freezes like carbon. He wanted to date it, like his old friend Carbon, but it was dead before it's half life expired. Waning away over his expired friend Xenon, super dork was forced to ride the plane home. "Eureka!", he shouted, as if in the bathtub. "I have settled on a name for my periodic game. I will call it's by it's players and they'll do the same. Xylophonic is a great nomenclature, which is my great adventure, and my half-life is only a quarter expired. Judging from the activeness of my radio, I must me about 4,000 years of age." "Would you like peanuterrs, sir, or to watch the Matrix", the hostess inquired. "I don't eat anything that has a eanu in it, mam, much less watch any thing with an eanu. But I would like some pterrs, please." This was the story of Hamerly Hafmen, the greatly known superdork, whose story is as boring as it is long. He is now living in an apartment in Ider and his friend's simply call him Eanu.


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