Wednesday, June 08, 2005

P Words

Captain Swashbuckle:

The brontosaurus is still herbivorous. I've tried convincing him that meat is neat. You know him though, stubborn as a triceratops. Silly herbivore. Trix are for pterodactyls.

Hashmeer Shashmeer:

understandable, but eventide swells a masingil fort...can't believe you remember the p in pterodactyls..I would have just spelled it ... Tearadacsmellycat

Captain Swashbuckle:
The p was suggested by my spell check. I originally spelled it superman. Somehow, superman became pornorific. Thus, the transformation from pornorific to platypusgus. In an error glitch, platypusgus transformed into placematonyourface. Thusly continuing to plateofham. Stepping nextly to plutoisfarawayfromearthwherewelive. And then to its basic origins of plutoisadogfromdisneyworldandifyouspellitbackwardsyougetsdrawkcabtillepsuoyfidnadlrowyensidmorfgofasiotulp. And so on until you reach, of course, the root word of pterodactyl, which is of course, phamburger.


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