Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mostly My Favorites

I think mostly my favorite thing to give people is an onion. They rarely ever ask for it, but I am always more than willing to give one. Sometimes it makes them cry. Other times, it makes them cough. But mostly they just curse at me and run away. Do you know what my favorite number is? It is such a good number, nobody can even write it directly, they have to write the symbol. It is known, belovedly, as pi, the same name as Dannyforham's farm hand, as it were. He's good on the tractor, just like the farm hand. Want to know what he grows? The farm harnd, not the number. Numbers can't plant things. They don't have hands...symbols, but no hand. Ain't that irony. No. Onions. How'd you guess? Probably because its mostly the best thing to give people. That and opinions. That's what happens when I combine my two mostly favorite things in the universe. Pi and onions. But don't add a random vowel in there, because then you'll mostly wind up with onion pie. If you've never tried onion pie befo, maybe you shoult. Last time I ate one, I sure showed my arse. Or maybe it was my mule. Either way, it is mostly my animal of choice, to loan Pi, when he's growin them onion. Now wash me arse, Pi, before I give you another onion. And quit cursing.


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