Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Buffalos vs. Bungalows

Although the buffalo does ring true with the Christmas spirit, most people associate bungalows with the holidays. It is a common mistake made by common folk. Ten fold are the problem with this assumption. One: Buffalos don't make tropical vacations pleasant for 3 reasons. Sub One: Hair. Sub Two:Smell Sub Four: Dumps. Now, for super motivation. Buffalos. They are stupendous. Need an answer to your CPA exam? Question the buffalo. His answer is always wise, and the same. You know it. Say it along with me. "Me thinks the grass is talking." Ones of life's manys questions. Which came first grass or buffalos? Two: Buffalos are not carnivorous. Three: Buffalos are allergic to chocolate. Four: Caribou should be considered over buffalo. Five: Cars are metal, buffalos are wood. Six: Wood floats Seven: Apples float. Eight: Apples are buffalos. Nine: Apples fit in stockings. Ten: Buffalos don't fit in stockings. Moral of the story: In the eternal battles of Christmas gift giving, an apple a day keeps the buffalos away. All this to say, bungalows should not be considered during the holidays. Reasons for which I will not waste your time with.


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