Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Booga Episode I

I once hired a man last name of Booga. From the west Indies, I believe. Liked to eat chocolate covered chimneys. Or was it chimney covered chocolates? I have lost my memory lately since the accident. Did I tell you I had an accident? I ran smack into a moving van on the street. There I was, riding my steamroller, and a parked moving truck comes out of nowhere and hits me. Luckily, I got the man's information. His name was Booga. From the west Indies, I believe. Say, that reminds me, bungalows should never be considered for the holiday spirit. There is one reason alone for this. Bungalows are quite scary. I rented a bungalow one Christmas from a man named Booga. From the west Indies, I believe. Nice man. Liked chimney covered chocolates. Or was it chocolates chimneys covered? I have lost my memory lately. I won't waste your time with the story why. Interesting one, though, about a man from the East Indies name Booga. He liked parking steamrollers in chimneys. Nice fellow. Scary as hell, though. Scary as a Chrismas bungalow.


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