Friday, May 20, 2005

All My Friends Most of the Time

All the time I do invite my friends Alien, Ebert, Inez, Omar, Ulysses. From time to time I do invite my friend Cliff. Whenever I do, however, he's never ever clevver. And that's totally different than with 1 vee. My friends A E I O and U always ask "Why?", when I invite Cliff. "He doesn't fit in!" And the situation was such that we started calling him Whycliff. He's a rapper. And he's black. His last name is Gene. Or John. I should think that its is spelled like one and spoken like the other, but I almost forget everytime. Mostly only fifty percent of the time, all the time. That's a good average if you ask me, or him, who is only around about thirty three point three with a line over it percent of the time. That's one third to you and I, but he insists on carrying the threes. A fan of them, he is, and you'll hear it in his raps. "Rap rap bap bap. Got you in a trap. Three of them." That's his most famous lines. That and the following: "Three three three. I like three. I three and three three three." That is from a song entitled "One Two Four". And that's why he doesn't fit in. We like two.


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