Monday, April 18, 2005

How can theyoll ever be enough time hey you?

Leyyett me thee yoll one two hit
hammer young friday on three time grip,
If I can geyet thees yellow piece to wiggle,
eet wheeyel make my eye balls blue three kelvin.

You thee, ith nawt about the work man shirt, or making two dollars seven, Eeth about my hammer called tollbert which I hit on plastic beewolding.

Japper Dongel

Now eets time foll my song of the day:

Happy time don't stop that donkey,
Heeth only happy, heeth make the money;
He have no show upon his pengo, cause three
days ago, he lost his kite.. You thee? I am the best song theyoll
evoll was cause if you don't like a barn haber says you can
have mine. Ohkay?

Eeeths what I thought, you thee?


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