Friday, March 04, 2005

Shiver me Timbers, There Bovine

Does this melon match me teeth? Yeeargh. My teeth are red and so are melon. Yeear. Give me yer gold and I wold told. Feearrrgh. Does my melon look like the moon? Tttteeeargh. It is shaped like a crescent. Arrrgh. Sometimes I eat a croissant, which sounds like the moon. Bbbbbbargh. And I put cheese in that crescent croissant so it tastes like the moon. Wwargh. Shiver me timbers, that cow jumped over my cheese crescent croissant, just like the rhyme. Farrrgh. I'll me ye walk the phlank there, bovine, if you don't quit hovering over my crispy cheesy crescent croissant. Tharrrgh! But first, me like some refreshing squeezed milk, there bovine. Eeearrrgh. I'll have a creamy crispy cheesy crescent croissant. Blarney! And a nice round steak, when I run ye through with me crescent shaped saber. Ahoy! I'm a pirate.


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