Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Scary Down Under

Ahhh yes, thanks for the reminder, Borgat. I almost forgot to continue. I remember it was like yesterday. It was yesterday. Eeeegad! The Man of Muscle, also known as Morty, was minding his own business. You see, the day before, which was 2 days ago, he was looking over his brother's business. But he had since been relieved of this duty, since his brother regained consciousness from the large scare he had the day before, also known as 3 days ago. You've never seen a man react to a giraffe the way this one did. I guess one doesn't expect a giraffe to be floating in your pool. That toy chain really should keep an eye on their number one man. The giraffe, not the brother. He was in the pool, you say? No, I said that. Who? Me. I'm hungry. Me too. Let's go eat some lunch. I can't. I must finish telling the story. Anyshmuckle, like I was saying. Morty was minding his own business. He was a truck driver, you see. And a weight lifter on the side. The side of the truck. That's what caused the scare. There Morty was, lifting weights on the side of his truck. Just then, and not any later, a bee throws a jar of pigs feet at the truck. Smack! Morty gets hit right in the chode. You see, he was bending over doing dead lifts, when it struck him. Morty let out an, "Egads!", because that's his favorite exclamatory expression. I couldn't believe my own eyes. There I was, minding my own business, for I too had been minding Morty's business, while we was seeing to his brother's affairs, and I see the whole sordid affair go into history. Morty's smorty swelled to the size of a jar of pigs feet, ironically. The truck went carrening down the lonely desert road in Australia. Did I mention we were down under? Don't you find it amusing and quite scary that Morty, while down under, was struck down under? Bet I'll never convice Morty to go back down there. That bee either. He lost his feet. And so did the pigs. Now how about that lunch? I'd pay as much for some pigs feet right now, as I would for a good scary. Snigglebumps.


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