Monday, February 07, 2005

Scalwag Johnson (A Children's Song)

I come up with the tune just a hummin'.

Scalwag Johnson had a hat.
Scalwag Johnson was a cat.
Scalwag Johnson wate a bate.
Scalwag Johnson hate moolate.
Scalwag Hohson seemed perteebed.
Scalwag Lonsong creemed the creeg.
Scalwag Vonscun tragged the flag.
Scalwag Morlon scut mut fut.
Scalwag Boneson roll boney bone.
Scalway Arleston fergoed his dong.
Scalwave Stundston scave slamalade.
Scapquat Munson sunday save.
Scansquity Tungsten mondy long.
Scuppernone Gally have a willyfun.
Suppersdone Sally super have fun.

Won't you cook me some dinner,
there Sally. I'll call my cat
and he'll wear the hat.
Seventeen dollars and a bump on a log,
My farmer's dog spells all day long.
And it goes like this:
Hellicopter hellicopter clap clap clap
Slap your lap and lap dance lap dance.


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