Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pete and Jode

My friend Pete has a yellow rocket. It is nurf and made of foam. Sometimes Pete calls me on the telephone and says, "Hey Jode, how about a rode?" You see, Pete has no concept of verb tense. He's always interjecting past and future verbs into sentences. For instance, just the other day, Pete called me and said, "Hey Jode, how about a chode?" But that wasn't a good example, he was simply asking if I wanted a chode. Simple question, you might think, but not when it involves Pete. He's a basterdly one. No father, you know. That's why he carries that yellow rocket. It's like his father. The rocket makes him cut the grass and wash the dishes. The rocket also has a drinking problem and pushes Pete to be a star football player. Pete knows its just a toy rocket, but some days, he swears that rocket speaks to him. "You can do it, Pete. You CAN buy me another handle of Beam." Nobody knows what the rocket does with the booze. Sometimes Pete puts the rocket in his pocket and then he trocket and says "Fockit!" to the red rocket in his pocket. Oh Pete, why do you love that rocket so? "Hey Jode, because it explode." That's another thing about Pete, he always calls me Jode. And talks to me like I'm his father. "Shutup, Pete, and bought me some beers! That boy's a star quarterback one day!"


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