Friday, February 18, 2005


HI!!!! If I could raise my hand right now, I would but you see my bread partners would not like that. They'd think I had betrayed them to say hi when in fact I haven't because my other hand, horace, is grasping tight. Bread has feelings just like my friend hableford. He never quits going south on a bully train just to get five kolenstains. That's what's wrong with his feelings. You may ask me why I talk about weird things. It's because of my friend, bread partners. Bread is named fred which stands for Foiled rondifer eatsey drakey. How can I tell you why I like my bread so much. I cry because my bread makes me giggle 3 toad stubble. I wine when mr bread man cuts on my partnas. A part of me wants to be a black panther, but then I want to take a houndstooth out of a granite cove, cover it with chocolate sprinkles and place it in the middle of bread partner 2. I call it, hide the panther nugget. What a game. I can't wait till next summer when all of my base belongs to me. I love bread and That's a fact, caddy slap holly hat, shwult en fobble hobble.


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