Friday, February 18, 2005

My Sold Out Kids

My kids are such a time taker. They are always talking about this and that and how the world is at war and we are going to die of high cholesterol. I think they've sold out too. They're always going on about how this product is a good one and this beer is low carb. If they have sold out, I'm gonna find out. They owe me big time if they have, especially if they are being paid to do it. They'll pay with their hides. Trying to talk me into buying this and that. I sure was glad that day that I learned to shut them up. It was easier than I could've ever imagined. And to think, the whole time, the batteries were dead on that thing. Another complaint I have about those blasted kids is that they are always waking me up in the mornings. "That's it kids, get out of my room, and stop trying to get me to buy you some Clorox Bathroom cleaner. Mr. Clean is clearly better." My kids are expensive too. Its almost like I pay a set fee per month. Sometimes my kids sleep. It sure is quiet when they're asleep. A man can almost hear myself think. I do love my kids, though. I think I'll play with them all day tomorrow. And by kids, I mean my TV, I hope you know. I'm not even married. If you thought I was talking about real kids, you'd be wrong. I just have a dog. I listen him in the car. His name is CD-player. He's a good dog, he eats a lot though. Plastic discs. They costs $14ses. Shutup, kids. I'm writing.


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