Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Listen Hair, Juice

Listen Hair, little Juice bottle all nice and wavy. You make my hair real soft, like morsles of flaybee shabee. I know that means not much to you cause you are just a bottle. I know my little shots of blue don't test your greasy scrottle. Get it wet, and squirt some on my head. Do not make me do anything that causes great caliform bubbles. Shake me Shake me do not shank a browford tree. Apples down, pears on the ground shabletoothed nickle-aged forts don't care that shampoo taste like borts. I know you now not like my noise. Squirt, PHSLIRT, SHQISH and shlwoy all down your hair, little juicy juice shone. Why ask me about my top on my head? It is for you tiny fred. Hop on over, squeeze me where it's green. Tops made of brissels, brush away and clean. Listen Hair, little juice I aint got no hornfrayed shlooth. Phankths.


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