Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hybercolour Thermal Sensor Repair Man Needed

My mouse is named mouse. Mouse around why doit ya? Why do it? Just mouse. Mouse along. Mouse up and amouse a mouse. Mousy mouse is a moist mouse mittle mighty mouse. He has a cape and it is blue. It was red, but now its blue. Its a hybercolour. It changes cols when hot and mousy. My mouse is hybercolor as well. He is red, but blue when he's a mouse. When he's dead, he's red. Can you see my red mouse? I can't see it. My thermal sensors installed in my rekinas are broken. I must get them repaired on the Internet. Do you know any hybercolour thermal sensor repair technicians? I guess I have to find a new one, since mine just died. He was Mouse. He was blue, but now he's red. My mousey Mouse. He dead now.


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