Tuesday, February 15, 2005

GWEEEE, Shake Shake ... I"M A BEAR

Gwee, shake it shake it have you ever seen a bear love make it?
I hold my hands up cause it makes me giggle. Hopthscotch ith my paborite pasthtime. I hold my hands up while I bust rhymes and it goes like this:

Shobble, come over here mr buster; have a beer don't fuster; I aint real clear on my gender baby, this is for the hard cows down the durk trail.

You see? That's bustin a rhyme like Judy tine. I just can't get my symbols right. It's a rigit that caused me to fall in the trap. A lasty crude, 4 times garmit polly. I wear a badge of courage that you can't see. 4 times, maybe 5 ago I hit the trobble weeblo. Hehe, that's not funny cause I have weird parts on my body I'm a weird bear with a shlobby lobby. Talk to me once about a man named bill botsowan. He don't know nothin cause he cawwies his pots-in-hand. Hit 'em with a slide left balboa. Trust the bear, not the hair, I don't care watch it there mr bear. Don't mess with me Gwee, shake shake. I'm a gay bear.


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