Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Demise of Chunk

Chunky chunky chunky Chunky chunk chunk.
Why are you such a fat little punk?
You woller around in the pool full of jello,
Your body is shaped like a big wooden cello.
I wish one day you would slip on a peel,
And your death wish one day I could finally seal.

Your teeth like a beaver that eats a lot of wood,
You have that in common since you eat wood good.
Not of the same kind, no you are quite gay,
If you have an operation, we can call you Tina Fey.
Instead you insist on acting like a fairy,
All the while making us call up boyfriends Ace and Gary.

This poem has alot about Saturday Night Live,
I wish you would hurry up and not be alive.
I know you wonder why I hate you so much,
And why I want to hit your head with a crutch.
Remember that day when you put me in your trunk?
Oh chunky chunky chunky chunky chunkity chunk chunk.


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