Monday, February 28, 2005

Backwards Reading Fry Eating Backstabber Killer

He's eaten his last fry. To kill him. Still as a statue. That's why I'm staying still. If he knows I'm watching, I'll scare him a pigeon. Look at him sitting there, with a smile on his face, like nothing's wrong in the universe. He'll be sorry. He never should have done what he did. That's why I've deemed him the "Fry Eating Backstabber". That clown. You can tell by looking at him. He's a sneaky one, and he eats a lot of fries. I'm gonna show him why they call me the "Fry Eating Backstabber Killer". And I've finally lured him in. I've been chasing him for the last year. He actually stabbed him in the purple underbelly. The back of my resturaunt, not in the actual back. He stabbed him in the back. He murdered my friend. It is quite the opposite, actually. You would be wrong if you think that. You might think this man sitting next to me is my friend. Let me explain myself. Hello, my name is Ronald.


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