Thursday, January 06, 2005


Jackinal sounds like a medicine. One for the soul, not to be confused with Jack in Al. That guys the one to worry about. He has three big towers full of jelly beans that smell and taste like tea and crumpets. That's not such a bad thing because the towers each have their own jelly bean shooters, which I call J-shooters or JSHOTS for short. It's a complicated process of suck and explode used by the ancient Mesopotamian society. Now that I think about it, it's Jack's medicine that came from the jelly bean shooters. JSHOTS was developed by a scientist who stumbled on a pot of jell. Why just settle for Jell, he says, pulling out a dozen golden birds who thus coined the phrase "GUS BUS". This phrase was used to describe the Jell also known as Jelly, which was coated by non other than Rex Golgenhoobey. Rex was the owner of the golden birds and would say "GUS BUS" whenever a new bean was created. He'd eat the first few beans even though they didn't taste like chili at all. They weren't even cold, didn't contain mold, and learned to hop like a holly wassen fold. I tell ya, These beans weren't just any beans. They kind of tasted like tea and crumpets I tell you. We should shoot them out of a tower, Rex used to say. "I mean, f we could, then we could use them for medicine, right?" "GUS BUS"...whoa, there goes another bean. JSHOTS will save the world and thus the world will become a big jelly bean, with three towers sticking up in the middle. What a place that would be. Shelllleyyyy.


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