Monday, January 10, 2005

Fantasy Scuba

I'd be interested in a fantasy scuba diving league. Where if your player drowns, you lost. If he gets eaten by a shark, bonus. If he eats a shark that's trying to eat him, you win a bike. If he eats a shark that's trying to eat him and gets eaten by a second shark, the shark wins a bike. If the second shark tries to eat the bike, he loses. If the bike eats the shark, then it's your scuba diver dressed as a bike, and you win again. If the bike eats your scuba diver while he's trying to eat both sharks, the bike wins a bike. If the first shark and the second shark eat each other and your scuba diver eats the bike, you get 5 points. If the bike drowns, negative 5 points. And if your scuba diver runs out of air, uses the air in the bike tires, eats one shark, gets eaten by the second shark, and then the flat tired bike eats that shark, the bike wins 2 bikes. I'd love to play that. I like bikes. I hope I win one.


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