Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Meet my friend Eric. He's not really my friend. More like a one liner. Some times I use my Eric to get back at my other friends. Not as a friend. As a one liner. You should see their faces when I use Eric. I must say, its really the first time I've ever named a one liner and treated it like a friend. It likes hamburgers and pizza. And bologna face. You should see it eat. It doesn't. It's quite amazing. I don't even know why I waste time buying Eric food. I guess its because I owe Eric my life. That day that I ran into the gang of truckers at the truckstop. Those truckers were very antagonistic. I didn't want to have to show them Eric, but I did. Those truckers scattered like their mesh back hats were on fire. In fact, they were. That Eric was so great, it actually set their heads on fire. Those truckers caused quite a ruckus. A truckus ruckus, if you will. You will. If you won't, you just might meet Eric. That's what I thought. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to feed Eric again. Eric is quite insistent. And consistent. He's consistently insistent. What a bad friend Eric is. I do owe him my life, though. Thanks, Eric. You're the best one liner ever. Better than a man's best friend. And more consistent. That stupid dog would only save my life half the time. You come through every time. Have another hamburger. I insist.


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