Friday, November 05, 2004

He's Gleagl

It was a sordid affair. The day when the Fry Guy lied. You wouldn't believe the eruption of Ronald McGuption and when the Hamburgler found out, he cried out "Murgler!". You see, he had a speech impediment, which, by definition impeded his speech. He couldn't pronounce his d. Instead he substituted a gl. For instance, he called his friend "Ronalgl". It is quite a thing to hear. Returning to the events of the event, Grimace was fit to be tied. He was so angry that he turned purple. Of course, that is his obligatory coloring, so you couldn't really tell. And in his ho hum voice he sighed, "Fry guy will dye and try to buy the cry sly Bill Nye a rye and lie about why he ate pie while high Dre Bly causes fry guy to lie." In case you hadn't noticed, that rhymed a lot. Continuing, Ronald McGuption called the police. "Watch out for the moose." The moose rang in, "I take a fence to that", as he crashed through the 6' tall pine privacy fence of Fry Guy's residence. Where did the moose come from? Nobody nose. "Glamn you!", cried the Hamburgler. "I'm gonna kick your glick!", he cried, as he kicked the well known TV character, played by Martin Short. A wolfman growled, "My hair is itchy. Follow my knows. It's always a nose!" He ran off into the horizon with a hamburger in his hand. No one followed, for it was widely known that wolfmen don't exist. It was just the burger king in a costume. Go figure. Just then, it happened, Fry Guy produced the pickle, which he had lied about eating a few minutes earlier. All was restored in the land of McGuption, and the people in costume realized that it was all a charade. Fry Guy never lied. He never tried. He was a guy who fried the wide side of Clyde, and had shotten the rotten cotton. What a guy, that Fry Guy. Sometime later, Fry Guy die. The Engl.


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