Friday, October 29, 2004

Xylophone Myletts

You know what else rules? Xylophones. They are so cool and big. You can play them with mallets. With a mullet. Mullets with mallets is my club. Would you like to join? Here are the requirements. You must own a mullet and mallets. You don't even have to know how to play a xylophone. You can play basically anything if you own a good pair of mallets. A trash can, a bowl, a glass, a calf-skin drum, a pig-skin drum, a goat-skin drum, a ball, a bat, a hat, a cat, a rat, a muskrat, a hothat, a high hat, a low hat, a slow gnat, a fast gnat, a gast fnat, a fast gnu, the last jew, the last brew, the mast crew, or the master crate. The option is yours my friend. You don't even have to play anything. You just must only own a mullet and a mallet. They can be your only 2 material possessions. We will also allow you to own a toilet and/or a xylophone. No crap in our club. Only mallet and mullet. And sometimes myletts.


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