Friday, October 29, 2004

Quit Badgering Me

What if I pay for a badger license? I like them. They are good for a free ice cream cone and badgering. Not the animal. The annoying. Have you ever been badgered by a badger? They are quite good at it, which makes sense. Seems that the originators of the words knew their stuff. And a lot about badgers. I do also. Here's a little known fact: badgers can eat 5 times their weight in boy scout badges without gaining weight, which must be the origination of their names. The badges, not the animal. If you look at the root words, which are bagd and es, it is easy to see the meaning. Think about it. Bagd, as in badger, Baghdad, and bagd'en ( , must only be defined as something that can be eaten without calories. Right now, I know you're thinking to yourself, there is an h in the middle of the bagd in Baghdad. And as a matter of face, it's not even spelled the same as badger. You're right. Which makes this all completely and intolerably incorrect. So I'll settle for a RTJ Trail Card, instead.


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