Friday, October 29, 2004


How now brown cow? But the cow wasn't brown at all. Come to think of it, it wasn't even a cow. It was a horse. I wondered why he looked at me so strangly when I asked him that question, and tried to milk he. He wondered why I looked at him so funny when he had only one udder. So the question is changed to "Why pull the vine of an equine?". And the answer is this: you simply don't know the difference between a bovine and an equine. They are similar, as a matter of fact. They both are animals, live on the earth, and have hair. Cows don't turn into glue, as is commonly mistaken. That is horses. I wish you'd get your facts straight. Cows and horses do have this fact in common also: they love to make dumps. Although with such a point, you might confuse many things with horses and cows, so I shall clarify. Let's do some math. Horses minus the s plus the w becomes (w) hores. And those are good for just about anything. And cows plus and r become crows and those aren't good for anything. But, if you divide a crow by a whor(e) Well, then you get into splitting the atom who knows which came first, the splitter or the atom. I will tell you this, never but never multiply a (w - hore by a crew. It's a long story, but I woke up with a fist full of feathers and an empty wallet. What a long afternoon that was. Stupid sclut crow. Thus ends the math.


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