Friday, October 29, 2004

Ode to the Cheeseburger

I hate that some people are going to miss out on a fun weekend.

Ode to the Cheeseburger
by Rodney Bledsoe

A tasty food when ingested right,
It lasts for one minute instead of all night,
Bite after bite the burger gets smaller,
And into your stomach where it can just waller.

A different approach I tried that night,
Intoxication impaired me just right,
A post-midnight-snack to make me sleep well,
2 burgers will do, their sure to taste swell.

One down the hatch, but now I’m real sleepy,
The last burger rests not under my peepee,
My butt is now cushioned so that I won’t wake,
The hamburger turned into bread meat pancake.


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