Friday, October 29, 2004


My morlobby has a first name. We call him Richard...and you can only imagine why. Yes, that's right my friends, it is because that is his name. Why else would you think? Back to the issue at hand, Richard is a morlobby. His hobby is to eat schlobbys and he molests mobbys as well. No one would ever guess that Richard had trobbys and ate bobbys, and even moreso cranked fobbycrobbys. Crazy morlobbys. You never know with them, do you? I do. The secret about morlobbys is that the get cold when its yobby and tired during dobbynobbys. Wow. Now that's something to deal with. Can you imagine? I can. I've had my fair share of dobbynobbys, and let me tell you, they will wear you out. Like a coat when its cold...they'll wear you out like a coat, that is. A cloth coat, not a fur coat, like rich snobbys or doggys wear. What ARE you thinking? I said boat, not coat. They'll wear you out like a boat. I meant to say float. A float, not a boat. There is quite a difference, although both do float, but I'm talking about the noun, not the verb, when I say float. Made of wood and barrels and apples and it does, in fact, float. But do I wonder if floats are also boats? No, I don't. I do know the difference. And if you don't, take it up with my friend Richard. He's a morlobby and he's quite the floating expert. I mean, he knows about floats, not that he wanders from place to place. That's what morlobbys do, you know, they float.


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