Friday, October 29, 2004

Do you ever wander?

I wonder. Do bologna wonder? They wander. They go on long journeys. Back to the homeland of Bolognia. It is near Spain. But far from Greenland. It is Bolognia. The have a king whose name is Bolog. He wears a hat. A meat hat. Made of Pastrami. It is imported. They only have bologna in Bolognia. It is the national meat, flower, flag, and song. You should hear the national anthem. It sounds like a piece of bologna slapping a counter. All of the currency is made of the red bolonga wrappings. The longer it is, the more value it has. They also have cars. You guessed it. They run on bologna juice. It tastes like bologna. But is flammable. Don't ever smoke after drinking a barrel of bologna juice. You will explode and it will smell like bologna. But the sound of your flesh hitting the pavement will be reminiscent of the national anthem. It would be patriotic.


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