Friday, October 29, 2004

Brief History of 2 Poles

Mr. Ronald Showbawefski

Speaking of poles, did you hear the one about the two Poles who had magnetic personalities? The Pole's poles were so opposite, they were attractive to every other Pole's pole. You should have seen the Pole pole party. There were so many people, they decided to take a vote on a president. The winning Pole of the Pole pole poll was none other than, yes that's right, the one who we've been discussing this whole time, the one who started the whole tradition, the man who single handedly created the big wheel, the one who you all know and love, the man who deserves all of the highest acclaim, women and children fear him, men revere him, dogs want to be him, cats want to kill him, the one, the only, man who one the Pole pole poll, ladies and gentlemen, now presenting the President of your Pole pole poll, Reverend Lieutenant Governor of the United Republic of the States of Independence of Pole, Mr. Ronald Showbawefski. And the crowd went wild. Poles were swinging. The Poles starts fighting, hitting each other with their poles after the poll. There was an uprising, a coup if you will, of angry Poles with poles. They dubbed themselves the Poles of the Lower Estranged States, or POLES, for short, which ironically becomes confusing. They split off and formed their own Republic. And wouldn't you know it, they held their own election. The POLES Poles poles poll was quite an event. But we have no time for jibber jabber. What are you thinking?


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