Friday, October 29, 2004

Banana FIngers

My left hand forgot my right hand had fingers. Banana fingers to be more exact. The are long and fat and yellow, from the jaundice that I have in just my right hand. Monkeys love to play with banana fingers. You might not know that bananas have fingers. In fact, they do, my friend. Before the beginning of vanilla time, which we so affectionately refer to as bvc (before vanilla coke), which is also referred to a the age of cherry coke, which was preceded by the coke classic period, and so preceded by the new coke era, and all preceded by the year of original coke, bananas had fingers. Much like panda bears, bananas had fingers to enable them to feed themselves and open cherry cokes. You wouldn't think that bananas had mouth, but you'd be surprised the amount of screaming in the jungle when it is banana harvest season. It is so loud you can't even hear a monkey eat a banana. Maybe the screaming is from that exact thing. Monkeys eating bananas. Haven't thought of that yet, have you? In conclusion, my left hand is jealous of my right hand for having banana fingers, since my left hand has only a palm and it is not that fond of trees, or coconuts for that matter, to begin with.


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